Become A Yesharvest Marketer

We're currently recruiting Affiliate Marketers willing to earn commission by refering people to signup for our weekly fruits and vegetables subscription. As our marketer, you can work full-time, part-time, and even from home. You can work offline and/or online if you have access to the internet. If you blog or post on social media, there's a Referral Link you can include in your blog and social media posts. We efficiently track all Referrals via your blog or social media posts.


For every subscription with your Referral Code, you receive 10% of the subscribed amount. For Yesharvest Mini subscription at ₦2,499 you get N249.90. For Yesharvest Standard subscription at ₦3,499 you get N349.90. For Yesharvest Jumbo subscription at ₦4,999 you get ₦499.90

Even when your referrals don't subscribe immediately, just make sure they complete the form and submit. Anytime they subscribe within 30 days, you will be paid the commission from their subscription.

Discount for Your Referrals

To encourage people to subscribe using your Affiliate Code, when anyone orders using your Affiliate Code, they'll get a 6% discount. This means that your Affiliate Code will also serves as a Discount Code. If they order without using your Affiliate Code, they will not get any discount.


All payments are settled on the 28th of every month. All settlements will be made through the bank account you provided when signing up.

How to Signup

Signing up is easy. No qualification is required, no CV is required, no interview is needed. All you need is simply signup and you're ready to start immediately. Once you complete your signup form, you'll be emailed your unique Referral Code. Your Referral Code is what your referred customers will use when subscribing.

Welcome to our team!