We source for the best grown fruits and vegetables from local farmers within. These fruits are delivered to us immediately they're harvested.


Once we receive these fresh fruits and vegetables, they are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, packaged and delivered to our customers the next day.


All our deliveries are done on Saturdays 8:00am-6:00pm at your supplied delivery address. We do not stock these fruits and vegetables.

Yesharvest Packs

Yesharvest offers 3 different packs to choose from


This is the ideal pack for singles. It gets you any 3 choice fruits/vegetables. Price is ₦1,499 with delivery.


This is the ideal pack for a family of 2-4. It gets you any 5 choice fruits/vegetables. Price is ₦2,499 with delivery.


This is ideal for a family of 5 and above. It gets you any 7 choice fruits/vegetables. Price is ₦3,499 with delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Yesharvest price includes delivery?
  • Yes, the price listed for each Yesharvest Pack includes delivery. So you WILL NOT need to pay any extra money for delivery.
  • Are Yesharvest fruits and vegetables organic?
  • Yes, all Yesharvest fruits and vegetables are organics.
  • What quantity of fruit/vegetable do I recieve?
  • Depending on the fruits/vegetables you choose. For instance, if you order Banana, Pawpaw, Pineapple, Plantain and Avocado, you will get a big bunch of Bananas, 2 big Pawpaws, 2 big Pineapples, a big bunch of Plantain, and 2 Big Avocados. Yesharvest Mini weighs 10-13kg, Yesharvest Standard weighs 16-20kg and Yesharvest Jumbo weights 24-32kg depending on the fruits/vegetables you choose.

Choose Your Preferred Pack

fresh banana fruit in Lagos, Nigeria


fresh cucumber fruit in Lagos, Nigeria


fresh pawpaw fruit in Lagos, Nigeria


fresh egg plant vegetable in Lagos, Nigeria

Egg plant

fresh cabbage vegetable in Lagos, Nigeria


fresh avocado fruit in Lagos, Nigeria


fresh carrots vegetable in Lagos, Nigeria


fresh pineapple in Lagos, Nigeria


Sweet oranges in Lagos, Nigeria


Apple fruits in Lagos, Nigeria


Good plantain in Lagos, Nigeria


Coconut fruit in Lagos, Nigeria


Green bean in Lagos, Nigeria

Green bean

Fresh pumpkin leaves vegetable in Lagos, Nigeria

Pumpkin leaves

Fresh onions in Lagos, Nigeria


Fresh tomatoes in Lagos, Nigeria


Good pepper in Lagos, Nigeria


Banga fruits in Lagos, Nigeria

Palm fruits

Yesharvest Fruits and Vegetables in Lagos, Nigeria

Yesharvest order form

Order starts every Sunday and closes on Thursday by 11:59PM. Orders made after Thursday will be delivered next weekend.

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There's Love In Giving

For Every Subscription, We'll Donate Some Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to Orphanages and Internally Displaced People (IDP) in North East Nigeria

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18+ Farmers being encouraged
24+ Jobs being created