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To place order, click on the checkbox beside the name of the produce you want to order, and change the quantity to your desired Kg. Add as many items as you want, and checkout to make your payment.


We do not accept payment on delivery because we only get supplied the exact quantity subscribed by our customers every week. All payments are securely made on this website using your Naira ATM Card.


Your delivery will be done either on Friday or Saturday depending on which day you choose. Delivery time is between 8:00am and 6:00pm. We will deliver to the address you provide. Delivery is FREE.

fresh beef muscle in Lagos, Nigeria

Beef (muscle)

Kg = ₦1499

Fresh onion in Lagos, Nigeria


Kg = ₦349

Fresh tomatoes in Lagos, Nigeria


Kg = ₦519

Fresh pepper in Lagos, Nigeria


Kg = ₦699

Fresh Pumpkin Leaves in Lagos, Nigeria

Pumpkin Leaves

Kg = ₦599

fresh banana fruit in Lagos, Nigeria


Kg = ₦375

fresh plantain fruit in Lagos, Nigeria


Kg = ₦329

fresh carrot fruit in Lagos, Nigeria


Kg = ₦599

fresh avocado fruit in Lagos, Nigeria


Kg = ₦1999

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